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Mobile Security: Protecting Communications, Data and Devices

Predicting the future is difficult, however few will argue with the continued predicted growth of the use of smartphones. Naturally, this growth will also see an increase in exploits and vulnerabilities within these mobile computing platforms (operating systems, applications, web browser, etc). As new mobile product and service offerings flood the market, security and risk […]

Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats: Current Trends and Mitigation

Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are cyberthreat categories directed at both business and political targets. The attack objectives therefore typically extend beyond immediate financial gain, and compromised systems continue to be of service even after key systems have been compromised and initial data breach goals reached. Malware successfully penetrates enterprises through a variety of […]

The Dark Side: Financial Crimes and Identity Theft

Financial Crime is nothing new; however, the ways in which financial crime is being committed are changing. Criminals are increasingly using Information Technology (IT) to commit crime. The underlying threat of financial crime is a risk of doing business. Costs include, but may not be limited to, recovery actions, investigation, external legal advice, eForensic/data compromise […]

Application Security: Enterprise, Mobile and Web

Ask any security practitioner or developer what the first thing is that comes to mind when they hear the term “Application Security” and you will get many different responses. The term and concept encompass a variety of considerations that must be addressed when securing data on the application level.  It is possible to focus on […]