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Chapter Educational Session: Compliance

Consolidating IT Regulatory Compliance Activities From Multiple Regulatory Mandates Rustom Bhopti, B System Compliant LLC

Chapter Session: Malware

 How cybercriminals are profiting from computer viruses Richard M. Smith, Boston Software Forensics Trojan Horses, Viruses, and Worms .. Oh My ?! Andrew J. Berkuta, McAfee

Chapter Event: Wireless Security

AirDefenses Role in Wireless Security Richard Rushing, AirDefense Alas, Camelot! Enterprise Security When We Have Torn Down The Wall We Never Had Daniel B. Holzman, Jefferson Wells Attacking Wireless Clients Matthew Gray, Newbury Networks The Challenges of Vulnerability Assessment Lenny Zeltser, Gemini Systems Update: Ad-hoc WLAN Security Issues Jesse Frankel, Airmagnet

Chapter Session: Privacy

Computer Evidence: Control and Privacy John F. Curran, Stroz Friedberg, LLC Getting Tough on Security Breaches: What You Need to Know Behnam Dayanim, Paul Hastings