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Advancements in Vulnerability Management

Most organizations today are constantly exposed to threats that they’ve never anticipated before. Today’s attacker community is constantly maturing and refining its approach capabilities. Over the past decade, traditional single style attacks like cross site scripting and sql injection and service abuse were the most ubiquitous vulnerabilities contributing to security incidents. However, they have evolved […]

Mobile Security – Synthesizing Strategy

Mobile devices have changed radically over the last few years. Significant development in mobile capabilities coupled with widespread use has also increased security and privacy concerns for corporations. High speed (out-of-band) networks, massive data storage, 24/7 tracking, unique forensic issues, and a rise in USB synching are just a few of the added woes to […]

Demystifying Evolving Cyber Law

Cyber attacks continue in 2012 to pose threats to business and critical governmental and private sector infrastructure systems. It was reported on June 6th, for example, that as many as 6 million LinkedIn account records were compromised by a cyber attack. In some cases, the attacks have been against the computing systems of corporate entities […]

Information Security Career Planning

Within an industry as diverse and evolving as information security, and within an economy that is still rather turbulent, it is important that information security practitioners be aware of the methods available to them for purposes of maintaining their marketability. Not only is this important if one is seeking new employment opportunities, but also if […]

Vendor Management – Emerging Trends, Challenges and Program Development

“You can outsource the function, but you can’t outsource the risk.” The compromise of several large third party service providers in the past year has continually reminded us all about the importance of vendor management. But vendor management, the processes that support it and the individual tasks that befall security practitioners can be often easier […]