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Opt-Out Policy

The New York Metro ISSA Chapter will make every effort to provide its members and event attendees the opportunity to Opt-Out of information sharing any time the Chapter asks for your personal or business information. This is a manual Opt-out process and your request to Opt-Out should be sent using the form below.

It should be noted that any Conference with Sponsor Exhibits are in fact funded largely by those Sponsors and the Chapter does share the Attendee list (both member and non-member attendees) with those Sponsors. Sponsors are advised to provide a personal Opt-Out for any documents which they may send.

Opting-out may also eliminate your opportunity to participate in any raffles or drawings for such items as iPods, GPS units, iTunes licenses and other technology provided as promotional items by the Sponsors.

Sponsors policy:
All Sponsors must accept the responsibility to provide any member of the New York Metro ISSA Chapter or attendees at any New York Metro ISSA conference, exhibition or event the opportunity to opt-out of any mailing or continuation of mailing.

Opt-Out Request

Enter your details below to opt-out of NYMISSA information sharing: