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Sponsor Information

The NYMISSA is a non-profit organization that offers companies the opportunity to support the chapter, engage in exchanges with the membership body and promote growth in the information risk management industry.

Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company’s image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive. All three sponsorship approaches offer organizations value for their investment.  Irrespective of the size of your company, many benefits can be gained by sponsorship aside from enhancing visibility and image, such as differentiating your company from competitors, helping to develop closer and better relationships with customers, both existing and potential ones, and showcasing services and products. Sponsorships are strategic and well-conceived and can boost both short-term and long-term sales.

Current and previous sponsors will tell you that there are a few keys to why their participation is valuable to them.

Quality of Attendees
First, the Quality of Attendees.  The NYMISSA membership is made up of nearly 300 information security executives.  Our member credentials are carefully vetted.  We ensure they span the spectrum of experience.  We have senior level, decision makers within their organizations as well as hands on practitioners responsible for deployment of tools and services. Sponsors have admitted to us that they would rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to be in a room full of professionals of the caliber of our members

Uniquely Intimate Events
The second thing our sponsors praise is that our events are uniquely intimate, providing them with rare opportunities to meet face to face with our members. Our events are interactive, allowing sponsors to take away valuable input from information security personnel from large, influential companies. Often times, a sponsors remarks about how much they learned during and event.

Unlike other organizations which support specific domains, supporting the NYMISSA chapter allows our sponsors to reach practitioners across multiple domains of risk management including but not limited to:

  • Technology
  • Privacy
  • Business continuity
  • Compliance
  • Governance

The NYMISSA Sponsorship Model offers three approaches for organizations to participate, each with a unique value proposition.  The three approaches include:

  • Chapter Benefactor
  • Annual Sponsor
  • Program Partner

The benefits associated with each approach are detailed below.  We encourage you to review the various sponsorship opportunities and take advantage of our unique value proposition.

Chapter Benefactor

Chapter benefactors are organizations who participate by offering meeting space and modest refreshments for the monthly NYMISSA programs.  Unlike sister organizations, NYMISSA is the ONLY organization that offers its Members 10 programs a year as part of their modest membership fee.  Benefactors enjoy the recognition associated with their generosity by having their company logo listed on the NYMISSA website.  In addition, Benefactor staff (up to 10 individuals) may attend the NYMISSA events at no cost (a value of $350).

Annual Sponsor

There are three levels of annual sponsorship: Diamond, Platinum and Gold.  The benefits and costs associated with each level are detailed below.

Speaking opportunities when available and consistent with program topicXXX
May attend any monthly sessionsXXX
Company Name and Logo shown on NYMISSA’s website Sponsor page with link to Sponsor websiteXXX
Company may use NYMISSA logo on their website and have a Board Member contribute a quote.XXX
Sponsors may provide literature at monthly sessionsXXX
Exhibiting Sponsors receive Attendee List for any exhibit conferences attended. (Attendees will have the option to “opt out”).XXX
Guaranteed exhibit space at exhibition conferences (generally twice a year, must reserve)XXX
May attend general Membership Networking eventsXXX
Guaranteed Speaking Opportunity (contingent on program subject)XX
Sponsor may submit a White Paper/Case Study quarterly for posting on NYMISSA websiteXX
Company name listed on NYMISSA correspondenceX
Special recognition as Diamond sponsors at each monthly meetingX
First chance to serve as speakers (contingent on program subject)X
Support NYMISSA by becoming a sponsor:

Program Partner

Program Partners may support the chapter by participating in individual program events that correspond with their product/service offerings.  Partners have the opportunity to interact directly with program attendees, discuss their offerings and gain an understanding of market needs.

We encourage you to reach out to our Head of  Sponsorship with any questions as well as to be considered as a sponsor.