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Shifts in the CISO’s Domain – Authenticity, Admissibility and the Future of Forensics

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What is changing in how Forensics and eDiscovery is managed? If all data is mutable, how do you know what is authentic? Are CISO’s taking control of search, recovery and discovery of enterprise information so to assure defensibility? What changes in technology and what legal and regulatory implications that are making this happen?

The first session will cover emerging technologies, legal, and regulatory issues and reducing spending on legal risks.

In the second session we will learn how to proactively use corporate data and integrate information to thwart attacks and mitigate business risks.

The final session will deal with tools, processes and software used to perform forensics and e-discovery, related developments in the legal and regulatory environment and why organizations have information risk and control on the top of the list.

  • Venue: Credit Suisse, 11 Madison Avenue(corner 24th Street ) New  York, NY
  • Dress Code: Business Casual

Registration and full details at cvent.

Update: Here are the presentations from this event: