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June 10, 2009: Security and SMB’s

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Security and SMB’s

Small community banks in NYC face many of the same security challenges as the big banks. The small budgets and understaffed teams that deal with compliance and security make the challenges more difficult.

In an article on Bankinfosecurity.com, Linda McGlasson writes that small banks are targeted by attackers. She profiles Dennis Weiskircher, IT Manager and Security Officer at Citizens Bank. “I find it surprising how many smaller banks are being targeted by criminals,” Dennis says. “I think they’ve realized that the big banks have the budget to fight online crimes, and so they’ve come down the food chain to hit the smaller banks that have fewer staff to fight these things.”

This discussion will bring some insight on managing IT, Compliance and Security at community banks and the daily challenges they face.

The event will be held at the offices of Deloitte & Touche at 1633 Broadway; registration is now open at cvent.com